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Training and Safety

Green Prism Consulting offers a variety of training and safety services for small to mid-sized companies and individuals working full time in the green industry.  Courses are tailored to suit audience skill levels and goals taught by an experienced and trained instructor.  1-on-1 training and assessment up to large audience seminars.  Contact us to discuss your training and safety needs.  Courses are offered in 2 hour to 8 hour daily increments depending on location in the United States.
Indoor & Outdoor Seminars

Previous Courses Taught Include:   

     Emergency Response and High Angle Rescue

     Tree Climbing, Fall Protection and Work Positioning

     Spar Pole Climbing and Rigging Techniques

     High Angle Tree Removal

     Rigging and Aerial Chain Saw Operation

     Technical Felling and Felling/Removal of Trees 30 to 70 degrees

     Electrical Hazard Awareness Training

     Aerial Lift Operation, Rescue and Rigging Operations

     Climbing Competition Preparation and Organization

     Crane Removal Techniques

     Dynamic Cabling

     Ergonomics and Arborists' Misconceptions

     Single Rope Systems

     Chipper Safety

     Trigonometry for the Tree Industry  

     Notches and Devices used for Lifting

     Red Flag Indicators for Tree Hazards

     Traffic Control for Arborists

     Tree Dynamics and Single Rope Anchors

     Pruning for the Utility Arborist

     Pesticide and Herbicide Safety

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Training & Test Prep

Test Prep for:

     ISA Certified Arborist, Utility Specialist, and/or Tree Climber Specialist

     Ornamental & Turf Pest Management

     Commercial Driver's License - CDL

OSHA Compliance - Taught in Mini Modules for Industry Specific

Basic Aerial Rescue

Advanced Aerial Rescue

Tool Maintenance and Safety - Chainsaws, hedge trimmers, small motor tools, hand tools

Basic Tree Inventories

Safety & Skills Assessment

Safety Auditing

Skills Assessment

Onsite Supervisor

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