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Consulting Arborist Services

ISA Certified Arborist recommendations and testing for tree and plant health care related inquiries.  ANSI and OSHA guidelines followed.
Tree Appraisal

Tree appraisal for legal, insurance, or planning purposes.

Tree Reports

Tree removal or tree preservation reports to city or county standards as required. Written reports correspond to ANSI A300 standards.

Tree Diagnostics

Site evaluation, soil test recommendations, penetrometer, resistograph.

Tree Assessment

Tree health assessments and hazard evaluation.  Risk analysis for health, damage, defect identification, and/or liability.  Mitigation or abatement recommendations made.

Species and Selection

Tree and plant species recommendations for planting plans according to site requirements and desirability.

Inspection of trees and plants for health and structure on site or at nursery.

Expert Witness

Court experienced state of GA, deposition, mediation, arbitration, and reports.


Tree Maintenance Plans

Provision of long term maintenance guide, recommendations for pruning, replacement, mulching, fertilization, irrigation, etc.

Written specifications tailored to project for monitoring, instructing and supervising of in field work.

Tree Preservation

Tree site planning to protect from compaction, construction, assess and monitor health.

Pre-Construction and Post-Construction site evaluation and protection or remediation plans.

Tree Inventories

Street tree inventory and survey, residential tree and plant inventory, GIS mapping with or without recommendations.

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