News & Notes

Tree Spotlight: Sweet Birch

Tree spotlight on the Sweet Birch - Betula lenta. Learn to ID this tree and take a GA hike to where it can be found.

How to Identify Drought Stress in Trees

Trees in the urban landscape can easily become stressed from common conditions like heat islands, compacted soil, and lack of moisture retai

Why to Use a Soil Moisture Meter

Are my plants getting watered enough? How often should plants be watered? When should I water my trees and plants? Are my plants too...

How to Use a Soil Moisture Meter

We frequently recommend purchasing a soil moisture meter to our consulting clients. Check out our blog post, "Why to Use a Moisture...

Tips on How to Water Trees & Shrubs

Did you know that trees, shrubs, and lawn grass have different watering and fertilization needs? A question we're asked often is "How do...

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