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Curb Appeal - How to Make Your Plant Colors Pop

Whether you are an avid gardener or a homeowner who is looking to increase your home's curb appeal, consider:

  • Painting your home to harmonize with your existing planted landscape, and/or

  • When planting small trees, shrubs, and flowering plants next to your house, choose leaf and bloom colors that coordinate with your home's exterior paint color.

We may get so excited when we find and purchase or transplant that new beautiful plant, that we think to prepare the planting bed, measure out the correct distances between other plants, but forget to consider the color of shed, building, or house that the new perennial or shrub is planted next to. Make sure to take into account fixed elements that will not be changing - brick or stone work, roof color, surrounding plants, etc.

Another consideration when planting is the color of other plants in proximity-mainly their foliage and if they bloom at the same time of year.

Homeowners may be afraid to go darker with their exterior paint color, but a medium to darker color can look great with foliage and flowering plants. Shown here is a simulation of what springtime would look like at this location with a newly painted exterior.

Here we used photoshop to quickly brush on some blue grey paint, but several paint sellers offer an app using their photos or your own to experiment.

How to know what colors to choose that work with your existing ones? Pick up a small color wheel at your local art and craft store. An easy rule of thumb is to pick three colors using either triangle on the wheel. Here we chose a red, yellow, and blue color scheme, since we have a red roof, red brickwork, and pink flowering azaleas and camellias surrounding the house. We will have blue grey for the walls and white with a touch of yellow for the trim in addition to the fixed reds.

Exterior home colors trending for 2019 are:

  • Blue Greys

  • Black

  • Taupe / Warm Grey

  • Earth Tones

  • Red

  • Yellows

  • and the ever-present white.

Need help with tree or shrub planting ideas? Contact us for a personalized onsite consultation.

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