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How to Identify Drought Stress in Trees

Many times people assume that trees take care of themselves. However, trees in the urban landscape can easily become stressed from common conditions like heat islands, compacted soil, and lack of moisture retaining ground covering and may require additional care.

Drought stressed trees will show signs that you can see such as:

  • Wilting leaves

  • Off-color leaves

  • Pre-mature fall color

  • Leaves or needles turning brown

  • Dropping leaves or needles

  • Tip or branch die-back

When dealing with plants it's important to make sure to accurately diagnose in order to properly treat. Over-watering can also cause similar looking signs to drought stress such as wilting, browning or yellowing of leaves. Getting, and using, that soil moisture meter is well worth the nominal cost in addition to observing the current and ongoing environment of the plant. Watering an over-watered plant may set it farther back on its road to health.

Certain species are more susceptible to drought or "wet feet" and an experienced Certified Arborist will have cared for all types of trees and shrubs in all different types of situations.

If you're not sure what's going on with your tree or plant, give our experienced certified arborist a call for an onsite health assessment (678) 617-1223.

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