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Indian Grave Gap to Trey Mountain GA Hike

Indian Grave Gap to Trey Mountain is a moderate to difficult North Georgia hike along the Appalachian Trail that can be hiked out and back - almost 6 miles round trip. This hike has interesting looking trees and vistas and a consistent incline with uneven terrain. Trail is clearly marked.

The best time to hike in GA is from Fall to Spring. Photos here are from Jan. 1, 2020.

Hiking at this time of year, you'll often see ice on the trails.

Another important safety tip when hiking and camping is to be aware of dead trees and limbs - don't forget to look up and be aware of the surroundings! Setting up campsite or loitering underneath a dead branch on a windy day is probably not the best idea. Trees shouldn't be feared, but a healthy dose of caution and attention can go a long way. This tree is evidence of what root rot can look like.

American Beech tree growing on a rock. In the winter, you'll typically see American Beech with leaves still clinging to the branches (called Marcescence). This is a windy mountain top, and the leaves have already fallen off. On more protected slopes, retaining the leaves is a benefit of the Beech tree for homeowners. It provides visual interest and a screen throughout winter from neighboring properties for property owners who live in more suburban areas. The tree also attracts birds looking for insects and seeds as well as nesting, and the tree is a host tree to 124 native Lepidoptera species.

Perhaps younger hikers will be enthusiastic to find a "polka dotted tree."

To decrease the length of difficulty, start at the Trey Gap parking lot off Trey Mountain Rd.

*A taller vehicle is needed to ford the creek coming from Hwy 75 and Indian Grave Gap Rd. especially when it has been raining.

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