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Why to Use a Soil Moisture Meter

Are my plants getting watered enough? How often should plants be watered? When should I water my trees and plants? Are my plants too wet or too dry? These are great questions that can be answered with a soil moisture meter.

What can I do?

Using a soil moisture meter takes the guesswork out of watering. Too much water is not good, nor is too little water. No matter what type of soil your plants need, monitoring the soil moisture and knowing when to water or when to let it dry a little more is very important.


Having the right amount of water is a key to good plant health.

A soil moisture meter can be purchased from your local home and garden store or hardware store.

Why to use a soil moisture meter:

  • To have a better understanding of water needs for your plants

  • To allow a plant perfect conditions in which it can grow to its fullest

  • To prevent root rot and diseases from over-watering

  • To prevent wilt and embolism from under-watering

Having just the right amount of moisture keeps plants healthy; a healthy plant is less susceptible to disease and pest problems. Green Prism Consulting and our ISA Certified Arborist are here to help with your plant and tree needs.

When you need guidance, give the office a call at (678) 617-1223, or email to schedule an onsite plant health care assessment.

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